Here Comes the Sun! Five Health Benefits of Spring

Spring is here! It’s time to say goodbye to the cold and dreary days – and the seasonal depression or “winter blues” that often come with them. As we begin a new month (hello, April!), we get to enjoy warmer weather and longer days. Even better, there are so many opportunities to boost both your physical and mental health

Today, I want to share five health benefits of spring and encourage you to take advantage of them in the months ahead. 

Enjoy the Warmer Weather and Longer Days of Spring

1. Get your daily dose of vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiencies are extremely common for Americans, and the dark and cold winter months definitely don’t help. Studies show that nearly 75 percent of us are at risk of being deficient in vitamin D. Thanks to the extended hours of sunlight, you can enjoy more time outside. Try to incorporate an early morning run, lunchtime walk around the park, or after dinner neighborhood stroll into your day. Just don’t forget your sunscreen! 

2. Socialize with friends: As we transition out of a season filled with colds and the flu, now is a great time to start socializing again. Spending time with friends and family is a fantastic way to boost your mental health, but did you know that it helps with your physical health as well? Studies have shown that socializing helps fight off feelings of loneliness and depression and increases overall happiness. Plus, it helps to sharpen your memory and cognitive skills and is even linked to living longer. 

3. Exercise outside: Release the cabin fever of the chilly winter months by incorporating walks, runs, or bike rides into your workout routine. Not only will exercising outside help your physical health, but spending time in nature has been found to reduce mental health issues like anxiety and depression. If it feels overwhelming to mix-up your exercise habits, you can start small: Take your kids to the park and play a game of tag!

Overhaul Your Routine to See the Health Benefits of Spring

4. Do your spring cleaning: It’s time to spring clean! Checking off this to-do will help you feel more organized and motivated as you move into a new season. Even better? It’s great for your physical health too! With your windows and doors closed during the winter months, you trapp a lot of dust, dirt, and pet dander inside, all of which are allergen triggers that could be causing you to feel less-than-your-best. Spring cleaning is a great way to refresh your home as you boost your mental and physical health! 

5. Plan your weekly meals around in-season produce: With spring comes delicious and in-season fruits and vegetables! Stop by your local farmers’ market this weekend and stock up on colorful berries, crunchy apples, vibrant greens, and sweet pineapple. Here’s to hoping you feel reenergized in the kitchen and motivated to eat fresh fruits and veggies all season long! 


Stay tuned later this month for a deep dive into spring allergies!

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