Six Tips for Summer Health and Wellness

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Summer is the season of pool days, neighborhood barbecues, and beach vacations. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of mosquito bites, sunburns, and heat exhaustion.  With these six tips for summer health and wellness, you can make the most of all things fun in the sun! …

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What Labs Does My Primary Care Physician Do at My Annual Appointment?

patient talking to her primary care doctor | Platinum Primary Care Winter Park, Florida

Last month, we took a closer look at why you need a primary care physician (PCP). Reasons range from managing chronic conditions and understanding possible interactions with various medications and supplements to simply staying healthy.  For today’s blog post, let’s gain an understanding of what …

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Picking the Right Primary Care Physician

picking the right primary care physician | Platinum Primary Care in Winter Park, Florida

Staying healthy often requires expert help — which is why you need to pick the right primary care physician (PCP). A primary care physician is a doctor who sees adult patients for issues like headaches, back pain, respiratory infections, and more. They can also help …

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Tips for a Healthy Workout Routine as You Age

strength training

Your physical abilities decrease with aging. From muscle-related diminishes (like strength and stamina) to decreased speed and coordination, you may find that normal, everyday activities — tending to your garden or carrying groceries into your house — are trickier than they used to be.  For …

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Why You Can’t “Snap Out” of Depression

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Approximately 280 million people worldwide suffer from depression. In the winter months, this mood disorder can become even more challenging, thanks to shorter days and cold, dreary weather. This type of depression, called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is severe and doesn’t end when the suns …

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Developing a Health Plan for the New Year

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As 2024 kicks off, you may be thinking about ways to improve your habits, whether it’s drinking more water, exercising more often, or reducing your stress with a gratitude journal or self-care routine.  To achieve these individual resolutions and make the most of your efforts, …

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