What Labs Does My Primary Care Physician Do at My Annual Appointment?

patient talking to her primary care doctor | Platinum Primary Care Winter Park, Florida

Last month, we took a closer look at why you need a primary care physician (PCP). Reasons range from managing chronic conditions and understanding possible interactions with various medications and supplements to simply staying healthy.  For today’s blog post, let’s gain an understanding of what …

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Picking the Right Primary Care Physician

picking the right primary care physician | Platinum Primary Care in Winter Park, Florida

Staying healthy often requires expert help — which is why you need to pick the right primary care physician (PCP). A primary care physician is a doctor who sees adult patients for issues like headaches, back pain, respiratory infections, and more. They can also help …

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New Year, New Self-Care Routine: Taking Care of Your Mental Health in 2022

boardwalk at the beach

Happy New Year! For many people, January is a time marked by reflection and resolutions. It’s a chance to adopt a reenergized perspective. And let’s face it: After another challenging year, we are all in need of a fresh start, especially when it comes to …

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Why You Need a Primary Care Physician

primary care physician tools

For many people, finding a primary care physician (PCP) feels less important than finding a specialist, especially if you’re experiencing a chronic problem that you’re desperately looking to treat. However, a family doctor is essential for your general wellbeing. Today, I want to cover five …

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Five Questions to Ask at Your Next Primary Care Appointment

Dr. Asha Tota-Maharaj, MD, Platinum Primary Care

Many people feel a sense of dread when it comes time for their annual appointment with their primary care provider (PCP). There’s often anxiety associated with scheduling the appointment, not to mention actually going to it. It’s worth overcoming your fears and discomfort though: Studies …

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