Inspiration for Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s hard to believe that January is almost here! Many of you are probably looking forward to a much-needed fresh start after another crazy 12 months. The beginning of the year is a perfect opportunity to really focus on your goals and set yourself up for success. If 2021 left you feeling sluggish and unmotivated, consider these health-focused New Year’s resolutions!


Get Your Health Back on Track


  • Get better sleep: Sleep plays such an important role in your health and should always be prioritized. Unfortunately, with the ongoing pandemic and the stress of the past year, you may not be getting enough z’s. In the coming months, try to nail down a calming nighttime routine that supports restful sleep. Here are three simple ways to train your body to get better sleep: Avoid caffeine late in the day; limit your screen time before bed; and climb under the sheets at the same time every day. If you want to be your best self, aim for eight hours of sleep each night.
  • Take the stairs: Implementing a workout plan can seem overwhelming amidst the chaos of the new year. Knowing that over 80 percent of new year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February, it’s easier and more effective to start small. For instance, whenever you can, opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator. This small change adds up and can improve your overall health! Plus, it may motivate you to incorporate more movement into your day.
  • Drink up: Did you know that most adults don’t drink enough water throughout the day? Water is so important to flush out toxins, increase your energy, and maintain your health. The age-old rule is to drink eight glasses of water per day, but that doesn’t take into account individual details like gender, weight, and region. Instead, try to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. If you live in a warmer climate, you may need to hydrate even more.


Health-Focused New Year’s Resolutions

  • Exercise your brain: The most common New Year’s resolution is to exercise more, but have you ever considered exercising your brain instead? The brain is arguably the most important part of the body, but it is often overlooked when it comes to conditioning. To improve your brain health, consider downloading an app like Lumosity and Elevate. It’ll keep you sharp all year long!
  • Stick to it: A New Year’s resolution is only beneficial to your health if you achieve it! Once you’ve chosen your resolution, detail the steps you will take to make it happen. Schedule quarterly check-ins with yourself to stay motivated and keep your goals front of mind. You can even set reminders on your phone or computer to hold yourself accountable throughout the year.


I hope these ideas inspire you to focus on your health in 2022! 


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