Five Tips to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2022 is already over! Have you stuck with your New Year’s resolutions? If your goals already feel out of reach, know that you’re not alone: 80 percent of people abandon their resolutions by February. 

Even so, it’s not too late! In today’s blog, I want to share five practical tips to help you commit to your health goals in 2022 and beyond.

Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions with SMART Goals

1. Set specific, attainable goals: The first step in achieving your goals – as silly as it may sound – is to make sure you have realistic expectations. Every body, lifestyle, and budget are different, and your resolutions should reflect that. An easy way to ensure that you’re on track is to set SMART goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound. 

Take your capabilities and limits into account as you monitor your progress. As long as you’re doing your best, you’re doing great!

2. Have an accountability buddy: A support system or partner can help you stay on track. Find a friend or family member who is also looking to improve their health and invite them on this journey with you. Together, you can schedule weekly walks or dinners. If you’re separated by distance, consider daily check-ins via text to motivate each other. This tip will do more than keep you focused; it’ll also make the accomplishment of your goals even more fun!

3. Keep your eye on the prize: According to research, writing down your goals and putting them in a visible spot actually increases your chance of reaching them. Jot down your resolutions on a sticky note and place them on your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator – somewhere you look every day. Seeing this little reminder throughout the day can encourage you to make good choices and remind you of what you are working towards.

Follow the 80/20 Rule As You Reach for Your Goals

4. Be kind to yourself: Know that the achievement of your health goals doesn’t require you to stay on task all day, every day. For instance, if your health goal is to cut out sugar but you enjoy a piece of cake at a birthday party, don’t get down on yourself and give up entirely. Consider the 80/20 rule that is commonly accepted as a great way to practice good health: Stay focused on your health goals 80 percent of the time and give yourself a little wiggle room 20 percent of the time. Putting too much pressure on yourself can actually derail your plans entirely and lead to disappointment. Remember that life is all about balance! 

5. Document your progress: Keep a monthly log documenting the progress of your goals. Record both your successes and your failures to determine what is and isn’t working for you. Look at how far you have come to motivate yourself to keep moving forward! Not only does this give you hope for the future, but it also serves as a regular reminder to stay focused on your goals.

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