Beat the Heat: Safe Summer Activities

Across the country, cities are facing record-breaking heat waves as summer temperatures continue to rise. In fact, it is estimated that 43 million Americans could experience temperatures over 100 degrees this week alone. Heat advisories are being issued to both warn and protect its citizens from the sweltering –- and potentially dangerous – heat. 

Increasing temperatures and humidity inevitably come with an increased risk of heat-related illnesses, like heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Though it may sound like a big summer bummer, don’t fear! In today’s blog post, check out six ideas for enjoying the rest of your summer without worrying about the detrimental effects of the heat. 

Six Safe Summer Activities

1. Check out a local museum.

Museums are a great way to beat the heat while learning something new. Chances are, there’s one in your hometown that you’ve wanted to explore; now’s the time! If you’re taking littles, check out more immersive, hands-on museums for hours of endless summer fun.

2. Take a dip in an indoor pool.

Sometimes, the cold water in an outdoor pool is still no match for the intense sun rays. Do some laps or splash around in your local indoor pool for a fun summer activity that ensures everyone’s safety. Just be sure there’s a lifeguard on duty! 

3. Visit the aquarium.

Check out your local aquarium to experience underwater fun without the heat! Learn more about our ocean friends and conservation efforts so that you’re ready to hit the beach when it cools down this fall. 

4. Check out an indoor playground. 

If your little ones are bursting with energy, head to one of the indoor playgrounds, jungle gyms, and jump parks in your area. Let the kids run free without worrying about rising temperatures and the need for constant water breaks. It’s a win-win! 

5. Go to the movie theater. 

Good news: Long-awaited movies have finally returned to the big screen after a pause due to the pandemic! Pick a show (or even two!) to watch at your local movie theater. Many theaters have undergone renovations during the past few years to include larger, reclining seats and better dining options for the ultimate movie experience for the whole family.  

6. Visit a roller rink.

Reconnect with your inner child and visit an old school roller rink! Roller rinks are a great way to get some exercise as you have fun and stay cool. This summer bonding activity is sure to create lasting memories. Tip: If you’ve really had enough of the heat, try an ice skating rink and enjoy the cold temps! 

Whichever activities you choose, check out the local advisories in your area to ensure the safety of you and your family. Don’t forget to visit your primary care physician at the end of summer as you prep for back-to-school season

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